Lookin’ and Feelin’ Good…

READ MOREWe are now past the nine-month mark and coming around the turn for the year end finish of 2017. The cacophony emanating from Washington has almost overwhelmed the listening capacity of most investors. Thankfully, those who work for and manage companies here and abroad have been able to focus their efforts on corporate progress. Distractions […]

Top Spotting…

READ MOREWe would never attempt to “call a top” in markets for we think that “a fool’s errand”. But we are mindful that prices do not rise forever. There are plenty of pundits who have worried aloud about the advanced age of this equity “bull market” in the US. We have not been one of them […]

Moving On Up…

READ MOREAs we come to the close of summer, equity investors around the world have enjoyed stock markets which have not suffered from the “sell in May and go away” syndrome which has too oft’ marred an otherwise pleasant vacation.  Exchanges have continued to march forward and portfolios have appreciated.  Why?           […]

What If…

READ MOREElon Musk is working hard to make people believe the future for transport lies with electricity.  He is producing a second model of his Tesla and other automobile manufacturers are announcing their entrants into the EV (electric vehicle) race – along with whispers of competition from non-traditional competitors like Apple and Google. \     […]

Cacophonous Politicians Ignored …

READ MOREThe discordant noise level seems only to increase each day out of Washington, London, Pyongyang, Seoul, Moscow, Tehran, Riyadh, Damascus, Baghdad, Paris, Brasilia etc.  Bi-partisan, problem solving governance appears elusive.  Media airwaves and print are filled with scandalous stories about “hacking”, election interference, graft, and other intrigue.  People are too timid to loudly express their […]

Always Look To Fundamentals…

READ MOREHappy Memorial Day and many thanks to those who have served and are serving our country without hesitation and with distinction.  Barbeque party conversations today seem to have an overhang of gloom, tinged with worry and spiced with mockery. Politics still are “front and center” and nervousness about the future for America and for the […]

Day 102

READ MOREDAY 102… The first major political milestone of the Trump administration has been passed with an environmental march in Washington and a speech for the faithful in Harrisburg. We are now on day 102. The press and the President have been focusing on the “first 100 days” like a marking period in school – but […]

Focus and Embrace the Confusion

READ MOREFOCUS AND EMBRACE THE CONFUSION We would encourage readers not to stare at the “shiny” object. We would entreat people not to listen to the bombast from Washington or Mar-a-Lago. We would rather that investors focus on “what is happening” in the US economy away from the din of political skirmish. It was reported in […]

Merger News

READ MOREMERGER NEWS We are pleased to announce that as of the close of 2016, Baldwin Management LLC completed a merger with RKM Advisors, Inc. located in West Chester, PA. Like Baldwin, RKM manages money for individuals and families as well as performing tax work for them and others. Their services are highly personalized and their […]


READ MOREMisdirection The goal of an illusionist is to focus audience attention on something which is not what the magician is actually doing. Crowd senses are preoccupied by intentional stimuli away from what is really “going on” so that the magic unfolds undetected and tends to amaze the viewer. The “political” crowd in Washington and elsewhere […]